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Crane Wise Certifications, located in Lubbock, Texas, offers a multitude of services for organizations and/or individuals seeking specialized certifications in crane operating. Each Crane Operator Training Program offered is customized to each student's training needs including package options for training and lodging. Our On-Site Crane Training Center and staff provides you a place to receive personalized instruction on all certfication programs offered and guarentees preperation for NCCCO practical and written exams. We are proud to provide the most committed educational certifiying staff with up-to-date program certifcation to ensure your success.


Crane Wise offers Crane Operator Training Programs based on the latest OSHA and ASME/ANSI.  We guarantee:

  • Proper crane set up/take down

  • Load chart interpretation

  • Equipment maintenance and inspection

  • Crane operator requirements/responsibilities

  • Basic principles of crane operations

  • Solving basic crane/rigging problems

  • Rigging selection and inspection

  • Planning lifts

  • Crane accident prevention




Crane Wise offers an online schedule for all NCCCO practical and written  Crane Operator Training Program exams offer at our On-Site Crane Training Center for the following:

  • Tower

  • Lattice Boom Crawler

  • Lattice Boom Truck

  • Large Telescopic (swing cab)

  • Small Telescopic (fixed cab)

  • Rigger (level I)

  • Signal Person

  • Overhead


Crane Wise offers several pricing options for your organization and/or individual needs for each Crane Operator Training Program.

  • Moble Crane packages

  • Tower Crane packages

  • Prep Course Option packages

  • Additional Specialties

  • Practical Only packages

Important Announcement

Effective December 1, 2022, Crane Wise Certifications can no longer register new applicants in the NCCCO system. Applicants that do not already have an active Candidate ID will be required to register in the myCCO Portal in order to be assigned an ID number. Without a Candidate ID, Crane Wise cannot register applicants for any written or practical exams.

Applicants that already have a Candidate ID number (different from the NCCCO Certification number on your card) are also required to register in the myCCO Portal and verify their profile. Through this portal, you will be able to provide/update your contact information, apply for CCO exams, and see recent exam results and current certifications.

 Please note: Crane Wise Certifications will still register all applicants attending our classes for their tests. Applicants are not required to   register or pay for their own test fees, only to create an account and provide Crane Wise with their Candidate ID. 

Please click here for more information on the registration process.

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