Forms and Requirements

When applying with Crane Wise for certifcation courses you must first submit an enrollment agreement to Megan at  Please READ AND FOLLOW all instructions on the agreement and the application you are preparing to submit.  All agreements and applications MUST be submitted to Megan Nelson at no later than two weeks prior to the certification course you plan to enroll in or you are INELIGIBLE to attend.


All forms have been formatted to be editable in all required fields. Any field that is not already editable will be completed by a Crane Wise representative prior to submission to NCCCO for registration.

All NCCCO applications MUST be signed with a hand signature. Font style E-Signatures are not accepted by NCCCO.

If you are able to sign your own hand signature on a device, that is acceptable, as long as it is not a computer font.

This form must be completed and sent in to Crane Wise with the NCCCO application and deposit. Must be submitted no less then 2 weeks prior to the start of your class.

This application is for first-time certification in Mobile, Tower and Overhead Crane Operator. These are paper/pencil tests only.

This application is for recertification only. You may only recertify in areas you are currently certified. This application applies to Mobile, Tower and Overhead Crane Operators. These are paper/pencil tests only.

This application is a candidate application for written (paper/pencil tests) and practical examinations for Rigger and Signalperson.

This is a mark up of the Written application, however, it gives you an idea of which fields to complete on the other forms as well. NOTE: The Recertification application has an additional question on the second page about your required 1,000 hours. Please make sure to answer this question.

Crane Wise Credit Card Authorization Form

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CraneWise fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO tests.


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