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Practical Exam Appointments

Practical Exam appointments are not scheduled during Class Week.

To get more information, see the Practical Appointments tab.

Forfeited Deposit: If a deposit/payment has not been applied to a Crane Wise service, class or practical, 100% of the deposit/payment will be forfeited one (1) calendar year from the date of processing.

Applying for Class

Classes are designated for students who are needing to take their written and practical exams together, retest on written or recertify.

Please see the Course Exam Schedules tab for currently scheduled class dates. 

Classes are usually scheduled 2 to 3 months in advance and tend to fill up at least a month before the start date.

Applications must be submitted by Crane Wise to NCCCO two weeks prior to the scheduled test date.

A late fee will apply to any application submitted within two weeks of the test date, if a seat is still available.

There are two steps to apply:

1) Complete and submit the Crane Wise Enrollment Agreement. This can be found on the Forms/Requirements tab.

  • All forms MUST be submitted in PDF format; JPEG or photo attachments will not be accepted.

  • Email completed paperwork to

2) Pay the minimum required deposit. Deposits cannot be accepted until the Enrollment Agreement has been read, signed and submitted to Crane Wise.

  • We accept credit cards, cash, money orders or company checks.

    • *Personal checks are not accepted*

  • Deposit is a minimum of $1,000;

    • If your total balance is less than $2,000, the deposit would be 50% of the total.

  • Remaining balances​ are due before the completion of class week.

    • You are always welcome to break up the total into payments in the weeks leading up to your class date.​

    • Pay off your total balance in 5 payments or less, including deposit, with no fees.

      • An Administrative fee of $25 will apply to each payment beyond the 5th installment.​

Seats in our classes are reserved on a "First come, first served" basis once the paperwork has been properly completed and the deposit has been received.

**Your seat is officially reserved upon receipt of all paperwork and deposit.**    If you have not completed all items, you are not registered for the course.

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